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Pamela's first book, Tomorrow's Anecdote, is a dark newsroom mystery set in Thatcher's Britain.

Other titles include Dark Interlude, a historical drama set in 1918-19 when revolution was in the air and The Lost Orchid, a Gothic-inspired adventure set in the late 1880s when orchidmania raged (Bluewood).

Ice Trekker is a teen fantasy set in the wilds of Kronagar, while Cloud Pearl, first part of Legends of Liria, an adventure series for younger readers. True Haven is a Regency adventure with a fantasy twist.

The Deed Box is a free short story with a macabre twist on Smashwords. Meanwhile, a four-part supernatural series features A Walk in the Park, Last Spring, Midsummer Glen and Equinox. The latter is now on Amazon Kindle. 

Pam also edited an original Cold War thriller, Not With a Whimper, written by her late father, Peter A. W. Kelt. It's a compulsive, dazzlingly written novel set in southern Spain, full of delicious twists and turns worthy of Le Carré himself.

Currently, she's working on The Blackfern Conspiracy, a dramatic sequel to The Lost Orchid, as well as a dark murder mystery called Machiavelli’s Acolyte, set in 17th-century Eastern Europe, introducing the death-magnet, Viktor Radislav. 

Of course, that’s not his real name.

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